Phase 2 Information:

(Phase 2 will end on Saturday, October 31, 2015 at 11:55 PM  UTC-11)

The task for Phase 2 of the competition is to:

  1. assemble a team;
  2. select a problem, challenge, or correlation of your own;
  3. find a relevant data set; and
  4. submit your results to demonstrate your skills across a broad range of data science .


Participants will be graded using a score sheet that outlines various areas of data science that are important.  Please review it closely.

The score sheet contains a vast list of data science skills - each of which are important to providing real world solutions. We strongly encourage collaboration and building a diverse team because it is very difficult for a single individual to score well in all of these areas.  


Assemble a Team:

Phase 2 will require demonstration of a broad range of data science skills.  No single person is an expert in all areas of data science, so you will need to collaborate with others and form broad teams to score higher.  Remember that each participant will receive the score that their team receives, so there is no disadvantage to collaborating.

Each team must be registered as soon as possible using the Phase 2 > Registration tab above.

A current list of teams and their members can be found under the Phase 2 > Teams tab above.

You are strongly encouraged to reach out and make new friends from around the world via the Forum where you can recruit people with specific talents to join your team.  Individuals that want to join a team can also post their skills and make a general request to join a team.

Perhaps you are a strong R programmer, but not as experienced in machine learning or creating a polished presentation.  You can strengthen your team by posting a message on the forum about your team and encourage others with needed skills to join your team.


Select a Problem:

Each team can select any climate change data science problem that they believe will best demonstrate their skills.  We encourage problems where solutions will provide a better understanding of the world related to climate change. The focus can be on either local issues or more broader region or global issues. The solution should show correlations as opposed to causation.


Find a Relevant Data Set:

Each team may select any publicly available data set they wish for Phase 2.  You are also welcome to use these links to data sets:


Submit your Results:

At the end of Phase 2, each team will submit their findings.  The team can choose the format of the submission, for example, a document, a recorded video presentation, a slide show, etcetera.  Presentations should be in a format that can be easily viewed via a web browser.

Submissions must be made before the final deadline on Saturday, October 31, 2015 at 11:55 PM  UTC-11.

Presentations will be submitted via email to and will include either the presentation itself, a link to a downloadable version of the presentation, or a link to the presentation on another website.

Judging will occur in the weeks following the submission deadline.  Final points will be awarded with 1700 points possible in Phase 2.  Each member of the team will receive the same number of points.

The total points awarded from Phase 1 and Phase 2 will be combined for each individual and the results will be posted at the end of the competition.