Competition Details

On June 6th, 2015 Big Data Utah and Boulder / Denver Big Data Users Group (BDBDUG) kicked off the Global Data Competition. 

This inaugural global data competition will be focused on Climate Change and split into 22 regions around the world. [map]

The competition consists of two phases - each of which has a scoring system that will allow solutions to be compared within a given region. Participants compete on an individual, group (2-10 people), or organization (10+) level. 

The final rankings will be made public and can be used on LinkedIn or other sites around the world to allow competitors to show how well they did! 

The first phase is a predictive bench marking competition where participants learn how to classify images and then predict the classification of unknown images. Participants can submit their solutions and see their score on the leader board in real time. Multiple submissions are allowed with points awarded on a sliding scale.  More details can be found under the Code and Submission link above.

The closer the team's predication is to 100%, the more points the team receives within their region. The higher the points, the higher the ranking title. (e.g. "Master" or "Participant"). 

Phase 1 began on 6 June, 2015 and ended on 13 September, 2015. 

Phase 2 began on 2 September and will end on 31 October, 2015.  Participants will be tested on many aspects of Data Science. This phase encourages collaboration, as there are many skills within Big Data and Data Science and no single individual can excel at all of them. Each participant will be able to build on their overall ranking and title with points awarded in the second phase.