In order to provide global collaboration and accommodate local differences, there are 22 global regions in which participants will register.  Use the map to determine in which region a given country is located.



You may compete in one of three types of teams:

  • Individuals (1 person operating alone)
  • Groups (2-10 people working on a team)
  • Organizations (more than 10 people working on a team)

Groups and Organizations may have a common affiliation (Governments, Schools, Communities, Companies) or may just be a bunch of Individuals.



In order to accommodate global differences, all regions will have at least one Judge and one Consul located within the region.  There will also be an Ambassador for each region in order to provide additional support.  The Ambassador is located in or near Utah in the western United States.

One of the major goals of this competition is to help everyone learn more about data science.  Thus, all of the results will be shared openly.

  • All submitted code must be able to be shared openly. 
  • Proprietary code that cannot be shared cannot be used.
  • Both your results and your code will be evaluated and shared as part of the competition.

Judging Criteria will include both review of solution and, where applicable, the relevance to climate change.



Phase 1 will be a Predictive Analytics problem with a Bench Marking system scored on a bell-curve. Phase 2 will test you on "All" other things Data Science. 

Phase 1 will have around 900 points possible for the top competitor. Phase 2 will have 1700 points possible.

Titles will be awarded based on the total number of points you or your team scores. Those titles can be used to boast or for career progression by posting the title on LinkedIn (or related places), Resumes (Curriculum Vitae), Web Sites, Git Repositories, Blogs, etc. 

The more people that compete, the better. So invite friends, organizations and user groups! 

    Points                                   Title Level 

     2600                                                Grand Master

     2100 - 2599                                    Senior Master

     1600 - 2099                                    Master

     1100 - 1599                                    Expert

     600 - 1099                                      Advanced

     400 - 599                                        Intermediate

     1 - 399                                            Participant



More Details:

Learn more about the competition in this Prezi presentation.


Utah Geek Events is one of the main sponsors.  Check out their YouTube Channel.


Big Data Utah is another main sponsor.  They held an Air Quality Competition in 2014.