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Global Data Competition





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Why Compete?

What is the purpose?

The competition is designed to encourage global Collaboration, Training, and a Place to Show-Off your skills and learn new ones. This competition will be by the community and for the community of Data Scientists, Big Data Architects and Everyone else interested in Data worldwide.

We have created a Global Data Competition on Climate Change.

Join to Compete for a Cause that Relates to you! Links for info and Twitter account below. Connect now and watch for details. Help us make this amazing! Big Data Utah, the Boulder / Denver Big Data Users Group (BDBDUG), UHUG and Utah Geek Events in addition to many worldwide partners is announcing the Global Data Competition and asking for your participation.

Where can you find us?

Follow us on Twitter - @GlobalDataComp

Additional details about the formation of the competition can be found in the following presentation.



The Competition has 2 phases.

Phase 1 is a prediction exercise and Phase 2 will be more comprehensive covering all things Big Data and Data Science. The scores from these two phases will be combined.

Each Phase and Division will have prizes and a rankings system that you use to compare your skills to beginners and global experts. The Data will relate to Climate Science specific problems for your local region. 

Solutions will need to:

  • Be Open Source and Available to the Worldwide Community 
  • Focus on Correlations Rather Than Causation 
  • Meet Judging Criteria and Specifications for your Region and Area 


We are working to Crowdsource money for prizes and have partners/sponsors that can match financial contributions. Please watch for ways to help.

We're excited to see what the world can do! Nick Baguley and Brett Weninger